Store your secrets securely.

Storing sensitive data can be problematic. A 24 word BIP39 mnemonic for instance, is the "keys to the kingdom". If stolen, your addresses are compromised. If you make multiple copies, this increases the risk of being stolen or misplaced. If encrypted, you face the same problem storing the encryption key. Is there a safer way?

Secret Coin uses Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm to divide your secret into multiple (N) shares, and then you can restore the secret using a specified number of the shares (M of N). None of the shares contain identifiable information about the secret. If any share, or up to (M-1) shares are compromised, the secret is still safe.

All operations happen in your browser. You can disconnect from the network and use this web page. The source for this website is available on GitHub. It is highly recommended to download the source .zip and launch it on an off-line computer. Instructions can be found at the GitHub Repository.

Direct questions to @mohrt on twitter, reddit, slack, etc.

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Multi-select share files to restore your secret. Be sure to provide at least number of shares required.

There was an error restoring the secret. Check that your uploaded files are valid shares.